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A collage of images including Whitianga township, the Church logo, a woven flax flower and the Whitianga dock/wharf.

Our Church History

Our church has a rich tapestry of history. With thankfulness we recount our inspired beginnings led by Pastor Morry Mounsey and his beloved wife, Audrey. Their genuine and practical approach radiated warmth and touched the hearts of many in our coastal town of Whitianga.

Morry and Audrey were true pioneers and visionaries. At the start, they opened the doors of their own home, to nurture a fledgling congregation of seven souls. They eagerly gathered, for worship and the teachings of the Bible.

In January 1980, Morry and Audrey, were individually inspired to build a church. As an outcome, the church stands nestled at the crossroad’s of Whitianga, a testament to the dedication of members and the bigheartedness of the community.

Today the current congregation benefits from the efforts of those who have gone before them. They are aware that there were many miraculous moments in the church’s construction process and that generous assistance had been given by local people.

The church moves forward with a legacy of faith and dedication, well-resourced for the future. A positive expectation of things to come carries the church forward as it seeks to train a new emergent multi-cultural generation to serve God and to fulfil his purposes.

"… a  fruitful  bough, by a spring;
whose  branches extend  over the wall."

Our Pastors

Dennis Acraman

Pastor Dennis Acraman was miraculously converted to Christ in the early 70's.  An energetic street preacher, he itinerated with several ministries during the "Jesus Movement" winning people to Christ around New Zealand. Leaving a successful career as a Senior Executive, Dennis pioneered a church in Auckland with his wife Mina in the late eighties.  They then pastored a church in the Hawkes Bay for 25 years before shifting to Whitianga in 2015. Pastor Dennis is a practical teacher with a deep desire to see people develop a love of the Bible. 

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Over the years, Dennis has walked alongside many in their ministry development with some now pastoring their own churches. Despite the pressures of pastoring a busy congregation Dennis extends his ministry to other churches for preaching, seminars, and leadership and governance consultancy.  He has ministered widely in other countries, carries a burden for the ‘Pacific Triangle’ and a heart for indigenous people around the globe.  On Dennis's 1995 visit to the Solomon Islands, God used him to bring a fresh move of the Spirit to the churches across the nation that is still being talked about till this day. He presents lectures on revival and other select subjects.

Dennis Acraman, pastor at Crossroad Church.
Mina Acraman a Pastor at Crossroad Church.

Our Pastors

Mina Acraman

(Nga Tūhoe, Ngati Whakaue, Ngati Pikiao)

Mina Acraman pastors Crossroads Church, Whitianga, with her husband Dennis in a ‘Priscilla & Aquila’ leadership style. She has over 45 years of ministry experience and has served on the AGNZ National Executive for the last 12 years. She ministers around the nation and is passionate about revival in churches and has spear headed many new Māori Christian initiatives. She is involved in multiple prayer initiatives which reach across the denominations. Her motto in recent times has been ‘Prayer is the Work’. Mina has a strong preaching and exhortative gift; she ministers from life-tested perspectives which encourage both men and women.

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She has recognized giftings in the Holy Spirit and constantly receives feedback from people about the substantial impact she has had on their lives through prophetic and encouraging words. She passionately believes that people can; ‘rise and become who God has uniquely created them to be’. She sees in each person, a destiny that is actuated through faith and courage, despite all personal impediments. Mina’s ministry has taken her to many nations. She has ministered in Australia, Tanzania, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Ukraine, Belarus, Chile, Easter Island, the Navajo Nation, and Kazakhstan.

Our Pastors

Tonga Loumoli

Pastor Tonga Loumoli is an ordained AOG minister. He serves as the assistant Pastor of Crossroads Church. Tonga is a songwriter and oversees music and worship as well as the church’s youth activities. Born in the USA, Tonga comes from a devout family that pioneered and spread the Gospel in the outlying Tongan Islands. In 2005, after a near death experience in the Hawaiian Islands, he had a miraculous encounter with God that fired him up to dedicate his life to the work of the Lord. He has visited many churches overseas engaging in short term missions in the USA, Fiji, Guam, Nepal and the Marshall Islands. He carries a passion for missions work and young people and preaches and ministers along with his wife Jennifer and their four children Daniel, Isaiah, Crystal and Margaret.

Dennis Acraman, pastor at Crossroad Church.

Jennifer Loumoli

Children's Ministry

Debra Bergin

Child Safety Officer

Mina Acraman a Pastor at Crossroad Church.

Susana Joshua

Women's Ministry

Mark Bergin

Men's Ministry